Surprise! Considerable energy saving after compressed air pipingimprovement

Feb 21,2024

There is a typical case of our numerous projects to be shared with you. Thanks the client, a plant who produces the copper based plumbing parts,equipping a lot of compressed air tools. This plant runs a modern monitoring system, which can provide the datas of the whole workshops on time. See their precisely collected information of the costs and power usage arising from the compressed air transportation system in their plant. 


The details of the case reports: 


1, Background,

Potential risk reported that there were some air piping leakage according to the on-site feedback, mainly on the connection places. 


2,Causal Investigation

Existing air transportation pipes were galvanized pipes, fitting connetions were threaded with PTFE tapes sealed, with times going, the sealing worn and aged causing the leakages . That’s why the air compressor actuated more frequency than before, electricity consumption was rising up greatly.


3,Improvement Solution

After investigation and research of other companies, Considering the long life of pipe connections sealing, decided to change all of the compressed air pipings to carbon steel pipes which were largely used in the gas lines. 


4, introduction of the piping installation, (press v threading) 


5, Installation Sites after improvement,


Air compressor center connecting with epoxy resin press piping 


Air transporation pipelines

Epoxy resin coating both insdie/outside both tubes and fittings

Press fittings connection 

*Blue are for compressed air pipes, Yellow is for gasline


Air transporation pipelines in the workshops


6 Air Compressor Pipe Material Change---Monitoring of Power consumption per ton


Conclusion: Monitoring on each compressor,  analysing off the collected datas through March to October of 2021, each ton products power saving from 30% up to 60%. 


7, Material cost comparison of epoxy resin coating carbon steel press piping Verse traditional galvanized steel pipes with threading connecting;

Material saves 60%,